Green Door Farms Pre-Season Buy-in

Green Door Farms Pre-Season Buy-in

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This program is designed to give our customers a little more flexibility compared to our more traditional CSA program. It's like buying a gift card to the farm but it's only available until April 30 and you get more out of it than you put in. For every $10 spent on your Buy-In, we give you an extra $1 to spend on our products. Unlike the CSA, this "gift card" can be spent on fresh produce OR our handcrafted herbal products (elderberry syrup, fire cider, herbal teas, etc.). Buying in at one of the four different levels gets you the following balance to spend with us between May - December 2020


Sprout - $10 gets you $11 to spend
Seedling - $50 gets you $55 to spend
Sapling - $100 gets you $110 to spend
Superfruit - $200 gets you $220 to spend

Like a traditional CSA, the Pre-Season Buy-In provides much-needed capital during the most expensive part of the season for us as farmers. It allows you to provide CSA-style support without the full price tag of the CSA, with the added benefit of being redeemable on our herbal products.

We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers and community while engaging in practices that cultivate good health in ourselves, our neighbors, and our land. Our vision is that the Pre-Season Buy-In will support this mission and allow you greater flexibility to invest your time and attention in the things that matter to you. We always welcome feedback and look forward to this program evolving over the seasons.

We hope you'll join us this season!